Eddsworld Shrine

What is Eddsworld?

Eddsworld is a online webtoon created by Edd Gould who sadly passed away. It originally started on Newgrounds, but found it's way to Youtube. Between Eddisodes, it uploads comics on its website. Currently, Matthew Hargreaves, a friend and co-star on Eddsworld is running the show. Thomas Ridgewell, another friend and co-star on the show, previously ran it but left in 2016.

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My personal experience with Eddsworld

I first discovered Eddsworld in 2018 on youtube it was the "fun dead" episode I came across I only watched that video no others. I watched the Eddsworld intro in 2018 as well because I had heard a lot of people online raving on about it and so I looked at the intro. I never re-visted Eddsworld again in 2018. In June of 2021 I found this tiktok about the tomtord ship and disliked it, causing me to stay away from Eddsworld. In September 2022 I decided to give Eddsworld another try. I was confused on which one to watch first so that's on of the reasons I didn't watch Eddsworld. I went onto the eddisodes playlist and watched "Zombeh Nation" first I did get a little bit impaient but I continued to progess throught the video. I ended up binge watching all the eddisodes and fell in love with the series.

My favourite Eddsworld comics:

My favourite Eddisodes:


Hello Hellhole.

Zanta Claws.

Eddsworld Characters


Different Edds (I'm not counting the ones from after 2012)

left is 2012 Edd design and right is 2004 Edd design

Edd is my favourite character out of Eddsworld. I like how at times he's the most sane character but then can be a real idiot.
I found it funny how he makes puns to annoy the others.
Edd is a funny little guy, I can relate to Edd a lot with his sense of humour and generally the way he speaks and interacts with others.


Tom is a runner up of being my favourite character.
The thing I like most about Tom is how he's the punchbag character of the group and his hatred for Chirstmas.
I use a lot of quotes from Tom, everytime something shocking happens he'll always say something quirky and funny.
Tom's love for alcohol is funny to me.

All the art on this page is drawn by me!!

Things that make me lol